What is Beast Master?
-Beast Master is an open world RPG game.

Players will be able to;
-Tame beasts.
-Create parties with tamed beasts.
-Order their beasts to attack, defend or scout.
-Level up and upgrade their pack.
-Go to war and take territories.

-Beast Master is a third person view game.

Will players able to create their own characters?
-Yes, we provide detailed character system where players will able to play as male or female.
-Players also will able to modify their characters appearance.

-Yes, Beast Master will support both local and online co-op campaign gameplay.

Will be there any loot?
-Yes, we have a loot system where players can gather loot from defeated enemies. Also they can drop and pickup items from ground.

What will happen when player dies?
-Player will drop his inventory where he died. After respawn, players can go and pickup their dropped loot.

What about crafting?
-There will be trash items which can be used to craft gears or weapons.

Can we upgrade items?
-Yes, there will be an item upgrade system.

How will quests work?
-Quests will be generated procedurally on random locations. Quests will activated once player enters an area which will be triggered by the system.

What is the Territory System?
-Inside the world of Beast Master there will be different types of enemies. These enemies will control a certain size of area on the map. They will produce new minions and attack near territories to expand. We will also have a small amount of territory which our main goal will be to take enemy bases and control bigger areas.

Will be there dungeons?
-Yes, our system will generate procedural dungeons. Each time player enters a dungeon, it will be different than before. These dungeon entrances will be located on the map.

What platforms will be Beast Master available for?
-Currently we are planning to release on Steam (PC) only.

What are the PC requirements?
-We will be posting minimum requirements close to release.

Can i play with a controller on PC?
-Yes, we will support all types of controllers.

How much will be the price?
-Currently we do not have any price on our minds. We prefer to ask our community when the game is close to release.

Release date?
-Currently we don’t have any release date set.