Beast Master - Development Update 15 - Combat Improvements

Greetings all! This week we started to improve our combat system. This weeks video shows the first prototype of melee and ranged weapons.

Beast Master will take place in a fantasy world where creatures and humanoids will able to use magic to attack, defend and support. There will be lots of different type of weapons which players can use on different purposes.

There will be around 8 elemental powers to use on weapons. Fire, electricity, water, air, life, earth, divine and shadow magic. Each type of magic will have different effect on creatures. This system is still in development and more information will be shared on our future updates.

Also there will lots of different type of weapons like staves, wands, bows, swords, spears, axes and more. Each of these weapon can be enchanted with different type of elemental power. This will allow players to combine different attack types with different elemental effects.

We want players to decide different weapon setups to choose play aggressive, supportive or defensive depending on their tamed creature types. Players will able to play as Tank and hold the aggro while their creatures does the damage or they can decide to stay back and heal the party of creatures. We want balance the game as all type of builds will fun to play.

We hope you like this weeks blog and we are looking forward to hear for some feedback. Thanks for reading and watching.