Beast Master - Development Update 18 - GUI Update

Hello everyone! This week we improved our GUI for the Beast Master.

Our previous user interface was flat and less colorful. We weren’t happy about it and changed the style. We made the new interface more cartoon. The results made us happy and we hope you will like it too.

We also worked on crafting. Each item will have a crafting multiplier which will effect the result. Players will able to add any kind of item into the crafting pool to boost the chance of crafting better items. Crafting will require a crafting table to build before the players will able to craft items. There will be some special crafting recipes which players will able to unlock by completing quests or dropping from creatures. These recipes will guide to craft some special items when the right combination of items provided. We also planning to add some easter egg recipes.

We hope you like this weeks blog and we are looking forward to hear for some feedback. Thanks for reading and watching.