Beast Master - Development Update 4 - Loot and Inventory

Hello everyone, this week we spent time on implementing item database, looting and inventory. We had a very powerful item system which we used on our previous game. We made some fixes and improvements on it. It has still some issues which will be fixed on future updates.

Beast Master will have a loot system similar to Diablo. Creatures will drop items upon death. Also players will able to pick items from ground or drop unwanted items. Currently the item stats are work in progress which will be improved later.

Items can be sorted from lowest quality to best. All items can be equipped by dragging, swapped by overriding and auto equipped by double clicking.

Creatures will have chance to drop various types of items. Higher quality items will dropped by elite type enemies. Also critter type poor enemies will have a slight chance to drop good items. These values will be balanced later.

The player also will drop all the loot upon death. The game design requires player to respawn and pick his dead body to retrieve the items. This feature will be implemented on later updates.