Beast Master – Development Update 13

New UpdatesMarketplace

Beast Master - Development Update 13 - Marketplace

Hello everyone, this week we worked on the new marketplace system for Beast Master.

Beast Master will have a building system where players will able to build towns and villages. One of the features will allow players to build marketplaces. Each marketplace will require to finish a certain type of quest. These markets will sell and buy goods like armors, weapons, potions and other general crafting items.

We will post more detailed information about village building and how the system will work. We want Beast Master allow players to build little towns, villages and large cities.

Thanks for watching and reading. We will be looking forward to hear feedback and ideas from everyone.

Beast Master – Development Update 12

New UpdatesProcedural Dungeons

Beast Master - Development Update 12 - Procedural Dungeons

Greetings all! This week we started to work on our new procedural dungeon system. In Beast Master, players will be able to enter dungeons from portals opened in random areas. Each dungeon will procedurally generated. Dungeon size, difficulty and the environment is going to be random. Also players strength will effect the calculation of the dungeon generator. We will make the necessary adjustments so that the system is always challenging.

The dungeon system calculates all possibilities such as the starting point, corridors, mini boss and the final boss rooms. Also there will be random treasure rooms which will reward the player with lots of loot and more.

The presentation video shows only the first stage of the system. We will continue work on it and make sure it will look much better and smooth. Thanks for reading. As always, we are looking forward to hear some ideas and feedback.

Beast Master – Development Update 11

New UpdatesLoot

Beast Master - Development Update 11 - Drop Loot On Death

Hello everyone, this week we added the loot drop system. Beast Master will have loot drop system like in Diablo II. Players will drop their body and the loot upon death. The player will have to go to the place where he/she died in order to get the items back. We believe that this mechanic will prevent players to take unnecessary risks and will add excitement for fear of losing all the loot. We will improve this feature over time according to the feedback from the players.

Beast Master – Development Update 10

New UpdatesCreatures

Beast Master - Development Update 10 - Swarm Mastery

Greetings to all! This week we had some fun with our AI system. Our system can handle up to 4000 agents which avoids each other and also calculates pathfinding to the destination. All these calculated multithreaded and uses the optimal cpu threads to increase maximum performance. Probably max supported agents will be lower on the release since lots of other gameplay related calculations will also be made by the processor. We will try to achieve optimal performance to make all systems work fine together. Thanks for watching and reading.

Beast Master – Development Update 9

New UpdatesCreatures

Beast Master - Development Update 9 - Creature Visuals

Greetings to all! This week we started to add our new creature visuals. Currently we do not have any 3D artists in our team. That’s why we are using these models from Unity’s asset store. Most of the creatures are in work in progress state. The base models, textures and the colors will change in the future updates.

As we mentioned before, Beast Master will have a territory system where different type of creature families will fight each other and attack their territories. There will be 4 type of factions. Each faction will have a leader (boss) which produces minions. These rulers also creates strategies to attack other bases and defend theirs.

  • Nature: Players will join this faction. Nature will contain creatures like Tigers, Bears, Mooses, Dears, Rabbits, Raccoons, Foxes, Wolves, Dogs, Cougars, Boars, Spiders and Rhinos. All these creatures will be able to tamed by the player.
  • Evolved: These faction contains creatures which evolved in time. These creatures will also be able to tamed. But it will be much harder and require more risks take to tame them.
  • Aliens: This one of the most dangerous faction which wants to invade the world. Aliens can be tamed but with a very slight chance. These creatures are very aggressive and tough.
  • Dragons: This faction will contain a few amount of creatures. Dragons will not take territories or go to war with other factions. They prefer to defend their territory and be left alone. Dragons will be the most powerful creatures and taming one of them will help players to defeat the enemy faction leaders.

Beast Master – Development Update 7

New Updates

Beast Master - Development Update 7 - Movement & Animations

Hello everyone! We have worked on new movement animations during this two weeks. This is the first pass of the animations and will be improved in future updates. The Beast Masters movement system will be very responsive like in FPS games. We do not like the idea of locking movement to fit the animations. We want players move as they like. We are always open to feedback and looking forward to hear some. Thanks for watching.

Beast Master – Development Update 6

New Updates

Beast Master - Development Update 6 - Face Generator

Greetings to all! This week i worked on the new face generation system. Players will able to play as male or female.

The system is still being developed. It will contain much more features and also we will focus on blend shapes as well. Hair, beard and eye color features, lots of new hair and beard models and changing body fitness will be added on our future updates.

Beast Master – Development Update 5

New Updates

Beast Master - Development Update 5 - Territory System

Greetings to all! On this weeks dev blog i wanted to mention about the territories.

Inside the Beast Master’s world, there will be different type of creature families. The Aliens, Evolved, Dragons and the Nature.

Each of these creature groups will control a certain size of area. Each area will be called territories. These territories will controlled by the AI which we consider as the leader of these families. These AI are called as “ruler”. Also each territory will contain certain number of cells. These cells will able to invaded by enemy groups.

The rulers will have some advanced decision system. Each ruler will control their territory by defending the cells or attacking the weakest point of the enemy. One of the main goal for the player will also to defeat these leaders. But it will require to gather huge amount of beast army.

Currently we continue implementing the territory system. We will share some more info on our future blog’s as we progress on it. Thanks for reading and if you would like to hear more do not forget to visit our website.

Beast Master – Development Update 4

New Updates

Beast Master - Development Update 4 - Loot and Inventory

Hello everyone, this week we spent time on implementing item database, looting and inventory. We had a very powerful item system which we used on our previous game. We made some fixes and improvements on it. It has still some issues which will be fixed on future updates.

Beast Master will have a loot system similar to Diablo. Creatures will drop items upon death. Also players will able to pick items from ground or drop unwanted items. Currently the item stats are work in progress which will be improved later.

Items can be sorted from lowest quality to best. All items can be equipped by dragging, swapped by overriding and auto equipped by double clicking.

Creatures will have chance to drop various types of items. Higher quality items will dropped by elite type enemies. Also critter type poor enemies will have a slight chance to drop good items. These values will be balanced later.

The player also will drop all the loot upon death. The game design requires player to respawn and pick his dead body to retrieve the items. This feature will be implemented on later updates.