Beast Master – Development Update 3

New Updates

Beast Master - Development Update 3 - Breeding and Combat Improvements

On this weeks development update i focused on additional AI behaviors like improved combat decisions and pathfinding. Also i added a new feature which allows creatures to mating and reproduce. Each creature has a random timer to mate and also there is a slight chance to successfully give a birth to a baby.

There is a new system for the AI to detect each other. This detection system filters each creature and checks the distance. This feature currently works single threaded but i will convert it to multi thread very soon.
Each creature has it’s own behavior depending on the type. Herbivore creatures are passive and won’t attack others. They prefer to avoid danger and starts to flee when they detect the enemy. Also there is a breeding system which allows creatures to reproduce. This system is triggered by a certain time and has a slight chance to successfully spawn a baby creature.
Carnivore type creatures are attacking only if the target is less powerful. These creatures creatures also can reproduce and flee from danger.

We will focus on creating a dynamic environment. AI will have their own decisions to reproduce, create parties or packs, attack certain areas or groups, raid villages and more. The player will encounter random events while traveling on the map. Each encounter will be random and not pre-calculated. These events will be created by the AI decisions.

Beast Master – Development Update 2

New Updates

Beast Master - Development Update 2

Hello everyone, this week i worked on AI combat, pathfinding and obstacle avoidance. Each AI searches for nearby creatures and if the target is stronger, it starts to flee. The most optimal flee path is calculated by the system and the AI always tries to get far away from danger. Currently there are two types of creatures. Aggressive creatures which attacks almost all other creatures withing range. Passive creatures avoids aggressive ones. There aren’t any formation movement. Each AI calculates it’s own path and also avoids other creatures and obstacles.

Beast Master – Development Update 1

New Updates

Beast Master - Weekly Blog 1

Hello everyone, this is the first announcement and the first weekly blog of Beast Master. Beast Master is going to be an open world role playing game. It has been a couple of month since we started to work on this project. This blog will cover the AI system which i was working on. We made a lot of progress on AI behavior, avoidance and performance improvements. The system can handle up to 1000 AI at 30 FPS which is way beyond our goal. Also we tested the new system on 2000 and 4000 AI’s for fun.