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Players can hunt different types of creatures and tame them to join your party.

Play alone or gather your friends to face the creatures of darkness.

Each defeated enemy drops precious items. Players can loot and upgrade their characters.

Players can create their unique characters. Our face generation system allows to create any types of characters

Players will able to craft new gear, upgrade armors or sell them to buy better items

Players will not forced to take quests from certain locations. Quests will be generated procedurally on random locations. Quests will activated once player enters an area which will be triggered by the system.

There will be different zones on the map. These zones will be controlled by the territory leader creatures. These creatures will produce enemies and will attack other territories. Also your own territory will be attacked from time to time. Be ready, and gather your army once it happens.

Players can raid random dungeons with their beasts. These dungeons will be created by the enemies and produce more enemies if not cleared.