Beast Master - Development Update 17 - New Weapons

Hello everyone! We have been working on new weapon types and the network system for a while. Since the networking is still in development we wanted to share the new weapons on this weeks blog post.

Beast Master will have lots of different weapon styles. Each weapon will able enchanted by players for different purpose of use. Enchants will change the behavior of the weapon. We also want players to combine different enchants to make the weapons more customizable.

All these weapons can be dropped by creatures or crafted by players. Also all items can be dissembled into crafting materials to craft different weapons or armors. Strong creatures will have better chance to drop high quality items. Like most of the games, Beast Master will have a high risk, high reward system. At the same time we want to add a slight chance of high quality item drops from basic critters. Every kill will count as a chance of good drop.