Beast Master - Development Update 20 - Multiplayer

Greetings all! We have been busy working on Beast Master’s multiplayer system for a couple weeks.

As we mentioned before, Beast Master will support online co-op which will allow 2 to 10 players play together. We also be implementing features for our players to be able to build custom dedicated servers. Detailed documentations related building custom servers will be shared with our community as soon as possible once the game is released. Since there will be lots of creatures moving simultaneously, maximum players we support might change depending the performance of our multiplayer system. We will going to make lots of stress tests with our community once we release pre alpha beta tests. 

In further details, the game will have a public and private lobby system where all active games will be listed. Public games will be able to protected by passwords. Private ones will be visible for friends only. Currently we support multiplayer features for Steam users. We will implement different platform specific features close to the release of the game.

We are using Photon Engine for our multiplayer solution. Currently photon handles pretty well on lots of features we implemented but this does not mean that we will going to use it. We are still testing the performance and how it handles complex scenarios. Depending the results, we will decide if it fits to Beast Master or not.

We are very excited to see how Beast Master evolves in time. Playing this game with friends will be much more fun and we hope the multiplayer system will work smoothly without major issues. We will definitely make sure that our servers will handle any type of network related overloads.

If you would like to ask anything related Beast Master, feel free to join our discord channel from the link below.

Also you can add the game to your wishlist from the link below to be notified when the game is released.

We hope you like this weeks blog and we are looking forward to hear for some feedback. Thanks for reading and watching.