Beast Master - Development Update 22 - Fractured Resources

Greetings everyone, on this weeks blog post we wanted to share the new fracture system.

We are using a GPU instanced vegetation system which is pretty optimized and allow us to render lots of plant and trees. Each chopped tree or stone will be removed from the instance and replaced by a fractured version of the game object. The fracture process will be done at runtime. This system is called when there is any vegetation removed from the GPU. This will help us to add as many resources as we can with a little effort.

As we mentioned earlier, Beast Master will have a crafting system where players can craft weapons, gear and buildings. We created a fracture system to visualize the collected resources. All those craft items require resources like in many rpg games. Players will able to chop trees, break stones or valuable gem resources.

We will limit the ability to dig resources to the weapon used by the player. High quality weapons like “Axe or Pickaxe” will be required to mine quality resources. This does not mean that players will forced to craft items all the time. We will definitely add those items into drop list so players can also get these items from defeated creatures.

The game design of Beast Master will not have a straight path to get stronger. Players will be able to strengthen their characters by playing the game in the way they think suits their style best. We will support this by adding many features which will help to improve the power of the character.

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We hope you like this weeks blog and we are looking forward to hear for some feedback. Thanks for reading and watching.